The practice was vaccinated for COVID-19 in February 2021. We provide a hand sanitizer for clients. 

You do not have to wear a mask for in-person sessions if you don't want to.

Welcome to Scottsdale Coaching & Mentoring

          Scottsdale Coaching is a "spiritually-integrated" life-coaching and counseling  practice for clients of all ages.

          I am Andreas Jaeger, the founder of the practice.  After retiring from a successful 20-year career as a corporate executive, I was inspired to let others participate in some of the learnings, insights and transformative experiences I have had in my life.

         "Spiritually-integrated" means that my approach combines the most powerful principles found in all religions and mindfulness practices with methods used in conventional counseling psychology and coaching to help clients to grow personally and professionally, as well as to understand and overcome the sources of their suffering and re-connect their life-experience to a greater meaning. I empower my clients for growth, expansion, abundance, happiness, and contentment.

          I apply my work experience as a former business executive to coach & mentor my clients through transitions in relationships, career and education, to gain financial control and independence, launch their own businesses, or simply to realize a life-goal or vision. You can see a more comprehensive list of topics I can help you with on the left side of this page.


          I believe that all suffering, disease and discomfort has a spiritual, a mental, and a physical dimension. Therefore, true healing can only occur if all of these dimensions are being addressed as part of an integrated treatment approach. I offer such an approach.

          I offer a doorway to understanding the interconnectedness of these dimensions and addressing the spiritual and psychological aspects with a transformative therapeutic approach. Additionally, I can help my clients with resources to address the physical factors in the most powerful way.

          Regardless whether my practice can make a difference for you or not, I wish you all the best for your journey in life, and that you can find a greater meaning in anything that is presented to you.

Please feel free to contact me to explore how my practice may be able to help you along the way.

Andreas my Bio...

...visit my certified profile on "Psychology Today"...


…my approach has a ..Spiritual Component... more about our values...our values & approach...




I help my clients with the following topics:


  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Sadness & Depression
  • Anger & Frustration
  • Conflict Resolution for Relationship or Business
  • Family & Relationship
  • Feelings of shame and guilt
  • Feelings of unworthiness, inadequacy or incompetence
  • Grief, illness & end-of-life
  • Gaining independence from a relationship or family that has limited your growth or caused you a lot of pain

Life-coaching & professional services

  • Career-development, career-change, educational- and professional direction
  • Running or growing a business
  • Financial Planning & Estate Planning Services including buying, selling or investing in Real Estate
  • Turnaround management. For more on this topic you can also visit Andreas Jaeger Consulting
  • Growing as a young executive or growing with your job
  • Goal-setting, motivation and –attainment
  • Support in times of a difficult life-change such as a divorce, change in career, or times of loss or grief
  • Conflict Mediation (negotiation and reconciliation assistance for business and relationship) 
  • Empowerment & overcoming feeling stuck
  • Gaining financial control & independence
  • Launching or growing a business, building a dream, or realizing a life-goal, legacy, or vision


  • Creating an open-minded spiritual foundation for your life
  • Understanding goals and approaches of different religions
  • Cultivating mindfulness
  • Developing your spiritual skills such as prayer, meditation and contemplative practice
  • Connecting your life experience to a greater meaning
  • Establishing a closer connection to the higher power
  • Gaining a higher level of consciousness and enlightenment

What to expect...

  • My main treatment modality is talk therapy which I offer in face-to-face appointments, or in client calls.
  • My approach is spiritually-integrated, which means that it combines the most powerful concepts used in cognitive-behavioral therapy and analytical psychology with spiritual concepts found in all religions and mindfulness practices to help address the topics you see on the left.
  • As part of the spiritual component, I offer guidance on finding and interpreting the deeper meaning of challenges we encounter in our lives. I coach and explore with you, how you can use these challenges as catalysts for your spiritual and personal development, rather than seeing them as obstacles or as suffering.
  • Compared to a psychological therapist or counselor who will typically focus on cognitive behavioral tools and concepts from conventional psychology, I also work with my clients on the spiritual dimension of the challenges they are facing.  I offer guidance how to interpret and use the spiritual meaning of the challenges they are facing, how to revive- or evolve your spiritual practice like meditation, contemplation and prayer and developing greater long term stability and spiritual support to handle future challenges.

  • As part of my "Life-skills-coaching", I help clients take-back control over their financial situation, their career or educational path, while finding a greater meaning in life overall by establishing boundaries to balance external aspects of life such as family, relationships and job with personal needs for physical well-being, and spiritual needs such as a peaceful mind (overcoming thinkingness), finding joy, comfort, contentment and serenity.
  • During my business career I was responsible for managing, launching, or improving multi-million-dollar businesses for large Fortune-500 companies. Today, I use this experience to help my clients to realize their own dreams in launching or developing a business, or a vision they have had.
    I can help with firming up a strategy, developing a business plan, finding revenue streams and articulating a value proposition. For more on this topic you can visit Andreas Jaeger Consulting.  All of the services you see there are also available as part of my Life-coaching practice and do not necessarily require a business consulting engagement.
  • As needed, I refer clients for additional services to practitioners in adjacent fields such as naturopathic doctors, osteopaths, nutritionists, homeopaths, and counselors in conventional psychology and psychiatry to provide an integrated treatment approach. more about our values & approach...

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